History - Page 3.

Today Fairfield’s population is approximately 3,349.  However there are several housing additions outside the city limits that increase this number to around 16, 712.  Fairfield is in an ideal location and has ideal resources to make tourism the largest industry in the area.  We retain the charm of small town American and can visualize a future for the city that can enchant our visitors as well.  We look forward to this future and believe Fairfield can be economically viable without losing the ambiance and appeal that have made Fairfield a place people want to call home.

Other interesting facts about Fairfield:

There is archeological evidence that the county was inhabited from the late Holocene era to the arrival of Spanish settlers.

There is evidence that Caddoan Indians occupied the area during the same historic period.

During the 1830’s the Kichais Indians had a settlement near what is now Butler and the Tawakonis Indians lived around Tehuacana Creek.

Both Spanish and French settlers were in the area, but the French seemed to influence the Indian people the most.  This limited the Spanish presence in the area.

David G. Burnett was one of the first people to secure a land grant in this area from the Mexican government and this eventually became Freestone County.

A noted citizen of Fairfield, W. L. Moody was the founder of the Moody Foundation.  His son, W. L. Moody, Jr. was born in Fairfield’s historic Moody/Bradley House.

In 1970 two factors changed the face of Fairfield, the building of Interstate Highway 45 parallel with Texas 75 and the opening of the Big Brown Steam Electric station, a lignite-fired coal plant, and Big Brown Mine, now known as TXU Electric Generating and TXU Mining Company.  The power plant and mine combined became the largest employer in the area.

Since the early 1980’s the construction of the Boyd Unit of TDC between Fairfield and Teague4 has helped the economy in both town.  In 1999 Bailiff Enterprises, Inc. from Houston became the first industry to build in the Industrial Park in Fairfield.  At the present time a second power plant owned by Calpine Corporation in California is under construction in the Fairfield area.

In Recent years gas production has boomed with rigs being erected only feet apart in some areas.  Gravel roads and pads replace grassland to the extent that cattle production has suffered.

The people of Fairfield still have the same optimism as that of the early pioneers and their efforts continue to bear fruit.